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Private Organizations

These are owned by individuals or a set of people with very similar goals.  ASTC will focus the Sustainable Topic on private organizations (listed above) that have at least a social bottom line and a fiscal bottom line.  Unlike public organizations, private ones can react to market failures much faster.

As a Social Enterprise, ASTC believes that all Private Organizations have a moral responsibility to shareholders and the general public.  However, we believe the government should have limited authority when regulating how a private organization should conduct themselves to help the general public.  Instead, we belief in letting the market make the decision.  

Public Organizations

Profit is not required for the preservation of Public Orgs., so tax dollars, donations, and volunteers are needed.  ASTC's mission is to create sustainable high quality experiences for tourists.  Public Orgs. are very important to do this, because they can create "free" goods and services on public domain land for tourists to enjoy.  In turn, Tourists generate tax revenue when they visit. 

Public Orgs. tend to react to market failures very slowly, because of policy formation and regulation.  Because Public Orgs. are paid no matter how well things go (subsidized) they take little risk and are reluctant to change the status quo.

ASTC likes to fix Market Failures

ASTC believes that Social Enterprises should find where the public sector is struggling to improve society and then capitalize upon this with a vale innovation that generates service revenue.  This is much much easier to do with Business Management Information Systems


For example.  Our Region is loaded with Federal Public Domain Land for Nature Based Tourism, but there is a huge market failure because many trails are in bad shape.  Both the small towns and the United State Forest Service are limited on staff and budgets.  Sadly, the state Capitals are not taking care of this market failure, so it's up to Social Enterprises to make it so.  If interested, please consider reading this ASTC Blog:  Help bridge the gap between the Federal Government and Small towns.

Latest News

West Virginia Hive Network

2021 Social Enterprise of the Year-

Pinheads Fun Center, Inc.

Oak Hill, WV




Legal Structures of a Social Enterprise



Rural Support Partners (Office/Asheville).  Not sure of their legal structure.  

Eastern KY

The Holler Creative (Corbin) {not sure of their legal structure.}

...started as a digital marketing firm in 2017 with the mission to bring hope and opportunity to the Appalachian region. It was founded on a belief that online marketing can be a catalyst for business growth that has the power to change entire communities.

Western NC

Northeastern TN


Southern WV

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