Policy Issues


Applications open for $50M in Kentucky broadband funds 

(close Oct.25th)

Current Events




Government illegally “cut corners” to ram through NEPA changes (July, 2020)

POWHR Protect Our Water, Heritage Rights (VA/WV)

Reclaiming Abandoned Mines: Turning Coal Country’s Toxic Legacy Into Assets (March, 2021)

TNC Announces Innovative Collaboration for Solar Development in Central Appalachia 

   (May, 2021)

New reports make case that natural gas production boom was a bust for Appalachia, urge economic transition. (July, 2021)

Broadband Access

ASTC'S Twitter High Speed Internet List

Access Appalachia: Internet Access for Rural America

          Community Networks

Indicators of Broadband Need Map (Public Map & Tools) 

Slow Speeds, High Hopes:  Exploring the Rural Broadband Divide (Jan. 2020)

Under Social Distancing, Rural Regions Push For More Broadband (May 2020)

ReImagine-Appalachia_Broadband_White_Paper_(Fall 2020) (KY/WV)

FCC Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (Nov. 2020)

Wise County is first to receive Starlink internet in Va (Dec. 2020)

As Schools Close in Response to the Coronavirus, Children in Rural Appalachia May Have Less Access to Tools for Remote Learning (2020?)

$17.5 million+ awarded to expand high-speed internet access in Southwest Va (Jan.2021)

Internet access to expand across Appalachia during the next 10 years (Jan. 2021)

Appalachian Power proposes running fiber broadband into deep southern W.Va. (Jan. 2021)

Experts, leaders discuss access to telehealth in Appalachia (Mar. 2021)

Broadband official confirms that Starlink is a reliable and possible solution to expanding high-speed Internet to rural areas (Apr. 2021)

Governor presents $15.6 million for broadband in SWVA (June. 2021)

KY's 'Silicon Holler' high-speed internet is creating jobs, and changing lives (Jun. 2021)

AEP ready to move to next step of broadband installation in southern W.Va. July 2021

$500,000 VCEDA Grant Approved for Space-Based Broadband Initiative (SWVA).  July 2021

Applications open for $50M in Kentucky broadband funds (closes Oct.25th)

ARC gets double the dedicated to broadband from $10 million to $20 million per year (Aug2021)

With broadband grants pending, WV tries to accurately map internet availability (Sept 2021)


Red River Gorge

KY Conservation Committee Notes from Red River Destination meeting.  Oct 2019

Master Plan for Red River Destination Resort (American Planning Association) 

Eastern KY is poised for an ecotourism boom—but a new resort sparks debate (May 2021)


     Red River Gorge United

     Red River Gorge Climber's Coalition


"Much like Virginia’s relatively young Spearhead Trails (officially the Southwest Regional Recreation Authority), and the well-established Hatfield-McCoy Trails system in West Virginia, Kentucky will be formally recognizing its decades-old and very enthusiastic OHV community."

Develop trails, ‘develop the entire region’: Counties join forces to help clear the way for adventure tourism Aug. 2021


     The KY Wildlands

     Ride Moonshine Country

     (more stakeholders to come, help us find more)




Clinch Ranger District


Jefferson National Forest: 2004 Revised Jefferson NF Forest Plan,

Final Environmental Impact Statement,

Environmental Groups Reach Agreement with Forest Service for Timber Sale (Apr, 2019)

From an Extraction Economy to an Attraction Economy (Aug. 2019)

A devilish problem: Illegal parking at Devil's Bathtub a big issue (July. 2020)

Scott County officials look to improve Devil's Bathtub trail  (June. 2021)


The Clinch Coalition.  The Clinch Coalition Celebrates 20 years.

Southern Appalachian Wilderness Stewards

Spearhead Trails.  Spearhead Trail Blazers

Wise County Public Services Authority

Wise County

City of Norton

Southern Appalachia Mountain Stewards

Passenger Rail to SWVA


     New River Valley Passenger Rail   

     Virginians for High Speed Rail

Spearhead Trails

Survey to update Strategic Plan

Southwest Virginia ATV Shut Down to Protect Water Quality (Nov 2019)

High Knob Regional Initiative Releases Sustainable Recreation Fact Sheet (Dec. 2020)

State Authority Removes Southwest Virginia Streambeds Turned Into ATV Routes from Official Maps.  Dec. 2020

Notified of More than 15 Potential Environmental Violations, Promises to Alter Operations to Align with Law May 2021.


POWHR Protect Our Water, Heritage Rights


      Giles, Montgomery, Craig, Floyd, Salem, Roanoke, and Franklin


New River Gorge National Park & Preserve

      Booming National Park Tourism: The Economic Impact in West Virginia’s New River Gorge Area  (Aug. 2018)

        Crowd mostly favors bill to redesignate New River Gorge  (Oct, 2019)

      US Senator Shelley Moore Capito

                             hears comments (Feb, 2020)    File (Dec, 2020)

        Support for New River Gorge National Park and Preserve split at hearing  (Feb. 2020)

      Hunting in the New River Gorge thing of the past (Jan, 2021)

       Why people are happy but worried over the country's newest national park   (Jan, 2021)

     Old and New National Parks Share Lessons For West Virginia's New River Gorge (Apr, 20221)


     America has a new national park but not all the locals are happy about it (May, 2021)

       New River Gorge Regional Development Authority Leads Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Strategy Session (May 28, 2021)


     Friends of the New River Gorge National Park & Preserve

     New River Gorge Regional Development Authority


     ACE Adventures

     Adventures of the Gorge

POWHR Protect Our Water, Heritage Rights


      Lewis, Upshur, Greenbrier, Fayette, Summers, and Monroe


ATV Trails

Less money, fewer jobs: After two decades,

WV's ATV trails have fallen far short of initial projections

Hatfield-McCoy Trails scrubs plan for East Lynn Lake

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