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Secretary Haaland Announces $150 Million to

Create Public Parks, Expand Recreation Opportunities in Urban Areas

 Foundation for Appalachian Advancement (not sure of service area, focus on arts writing)

Eastern KY

Western NC

Northeastern TN


Cumberland Forest Community Fund

City of Norton, Wise, Russell, Tazewell, Dickenson, Buchanan, Lee, or Scott

the Launch place (Patrick and Pittsylvannia Counties)

pitch competitions

pre-seed funding

seed funding

Virginia Tourism Corporation will be opening three grants on February, 1, 2022. These grants are the VTC Recovery Marketing Leverage program, and two new programs: the Virginia Special Events and Festivals program, and the Virginia DMO Marketing program. All three grants will close on March 8, 2022. Preliminary information on these grants can be found at 

DRIVE 2.0 – Grants

DRIVE 2.0- Grants 

Southern WV

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