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We have several different types of events.

Large Events.  These are usually annual, in person, and offer lots of networking.

Entrepreneur Incubator.  Startups, and current business networking.

Public Meetings.  These are usually more focused with an agenda and recorded minutes.

Volunteer Events.  These are more outdoors and hands on, and one day events.

Community Involvement.  Long term projects.  More soft skills required. 


Public Commenting.  Make a written or auditory comment on policy.  


Policy Formation.  Educational courses to better empower you and your community.


Latest News

Large Events Calendar

Large Events Calendar


Eastern KY

Hazard, June 23-24. FOCUS Summit on Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  It’s presented by Kentucky Power and brought to you by SOAR and KY Innovation.

Stand Up Rural America Summit 

Somerset, Kentucky

July 26-28, 2022

Western NC

Northeastern TN


Roanoke Area Meetings

Southern WV

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