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Entrepreneur Incubator

ASTC's goal for 2021 and beyond is to help people start their own Social Enterprise in hopes of diversifying the economy.  This includes all sectors, not just the Hospitality and Tourism service industry.  

This Incubator is for all, the private sector (nonprofits and for-profits), and the public sector.

Entrepreneurs, see what ASTC is exited about...


How to Get Started

Look over the Entrepreneur Incubator Information & Calendar page.  This will be the best source of information in our general 5 state service area to help you network.  Be sure to scroll below the calendar to look for opportunities by state.     

Next, look over our Regional Stakeholder Events Calendar to look for networking opportunities. 

Job fairs and other tourism related expos will be listed here.

ASTC_LLC Twitter List Entrepreneur Incubator

                                       Tourism Consulting

                                       Management Consulting

                                       High Speed Internet


Look over our General Consulting page.


Become an online Member and join the discussion in our Forum.  After reading the rules, be sure to look over the Tourists Sub-Forum to find what is in demand. 

Afterwards, go to the Entrepreneur Incubator thread

Introduce yourself, or your new organization, or the new model you would like to see. 

That's right, you can lay out ideas on the table for others to develop, and it will be posted on our Promote an Idea page.  

Start your own Blog to attract partners, investors, and employees.

Last, consider joining the ASTC online Entrepreneur Group to start networking.

There are many ways for ASTC to help you reach your goals.

Here are just three examples

Find Employees/Volunteers/Interns

We can post the job description you are looking to fill.

Here is our general jobs page,

and our Tourism jobs page.

Please complete our stakeholder form to get started.

Promote Yourself

Our Promote an Idea page allows you to post your resume, elevator pitch, and other links.   

ASTC Consultations

This can be in person or over Zoom.  If possible, we will try and bring in someone who has the best experience for your model to help you.

Please complete our stakeholder form to get started.  

ASTC provides information on this site and entrepreneur consultations for no charges.  

We look to our guiding principles for an explanation.  ​

One of the guiding principles of ASTC is connecting and energizing stakeholders. 


Not requiring fees for access on this site gives stakeholders complete confidence they are receiving the most relevant up to date and available information that can be provided. 

Our guiding principle of revitalizing rural Appalachia while preserving small town character

prevents us from creating financial hurdles for those who are motivated. 

If anyone has any ideas or opportunities on how to make this program be more successful, please complete our stakeholder form.

Thank you for visiting Appalachia Sustainable Tourism Collaboration!

We hope the site helps you with your vision for your community.


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