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Someone who cares or has an interest in our 5 state service area is a Stakeholder.   

The following are such examples:

Being a resident of a community

Owning land

Owning a business

A steward of the community

A tourists who has made a connection with the landscape and or culture

A person from the other side of the world who has never visited our area and just cares 

A stakeholder is someone who cares.  Never turn away someone who cares. 


Please consider reading our blog on how to properly onboard stakeholders to your organization,

ASTC’s 10 Steps to Onboarding potential Members/Volunteers/Clients/Interns to your Organization.


Regional News

Please complete the

Appalachian Restoration Project Interview

Resources by Region and State

 Entrepreneur Incubator

The Entrepreneur Incubator is one of our five goals for 2021.

Click here for the Entrepreneur Incubator Information and Calendar.  

Annual Regional Events Calendar

These are important annual stakeholder events with networking opportunities.  


List job offerings, internships, training opportunities, and certifications.

Research Grant and Loan Opportunities, and list public outings and outreach.

Promote yourself and make a sales pitch.



List job offerings, training events, certs, and volunteer opportunities.

Research Grant Opportunities.  

Promote University and College Hospitality & Tourism education.  

Promote your community service project.

Learn about private foundations that can help your organization.



Learn about the current issues in our area, and gather resources to better understand them.  Become part of the process by adopting, implementing, and managing policy.


List job offerings, internships, and training opportunities, and certifications.

Promote donation drives, recruit volunteers.  


Promote public education opportunities and list public outreach.

Government (Federal, State, County)

List job offerings, internships, certs, education and training opportunities. 

Promote and network your Chamber of Commerce, and Tourism Authority.    

Please check out the Stakeholder Sub-Forum to start connecting with others. 



Resources by Region and State


Rural Support Partners

Central Appalachian Network

American Planning Association  (Creating Great Communities for All)

ASTC_LLC Twitter Lists

Invest Appalachia 


PRIDE Personal Responsibility in a Desirable Environment






East Tennessee Economic Council



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