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Appalachia Sustainable
Tourism Collaboration

Stakeholder Site

Our Stakeholder site is a place for individuals and communities to better connect within our Appalachian Region and beyond in hopes that people and organizations reach their potential.

Someone who cares or has an interest is a Stakeholder.   

The following are such examples:

Being a resident of a community.

Owning land.

Owning a business.

A steward of the community.

A tourists who has made a connection with the landscape and or culture.

A person from the other side of the world who has never visited, but just cares. 

A stakeholder is someone who cares.  Never turn away someone who cares. 

This is the third and final website for ASTC.  Just as the Tourism Site is designed to bring information to the trip planner, this site is designed to help stakeholders get involved.  After you study up on this site, we hope that you go full circle and visit our Home Site and help us with our mission and vision.  


Please consider reading our blog on how to properly onboard stakeholders to your organization,

ASTC’s 10 Steps to Onboarding potential Members/Volunteers/Clients/Interns to your Organization.


Our primary focus is on stakeholders within a our 5 stae area .      

However, some of the organizations on this site are national and even international.

These 121 counties were not created arbitrarily.  We decided to go with 11 tourism districts that were created by 5 separate states.  At times there are large cities just outside these 112 counties (Lexington, Greensboro, Chattanooga, Huntington), but they will have information provided because they are major hubs with lots of resources.
































































































Thank you for visiting Appalachia Sustainable Tourism Collaboration!

We hope the site helps you with your vision for your community.

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